About Hacktics Growth Hacking Academy

Hacktics Growth Hacking Academy exists to help entrepreneurs, digital marketers and marketing teams build and automate data-rich marketing funnels.

Built with a bottom-of-the-funnel-up mentality, Hacktics provides a framework and foundation for both the Growth Hacker and the growth hacking skill set required for today’s digital marketing.

What is Growth Hacking?

"Growth hacking is a process of rapid, iterative experiments across marketing funnels and sales segments, using a variety of channels to find the most efficient way(s) to grow a business".

Typically, a growth hacker runs trackable, scalable, experiments across a variety of digital platforms. Meaning, they often start with low-cost, high-ROI methods; including, digital ads, viral marketing, and automated outreach - all building toward long-term sustainable growth.

Ultimately, as a growth hacker discovers new growth process for an organization, they also build, refine and automate systems they’ve already found to be working.

Growth Hacking is a rapid process of experimentation, building, analyzing, refining, reporting - and repeating those patterns of success.

The Growth Hacking Skill Set

Funnel architecture is technical - there’s no way around it. Additionally, conversions, tracking, audience segmentation and retargeting automation - don't get the love they deserve.

In short, the growth hacking skill set is a combination of data science, digital marketing know-how and technical deployment.

In fact, within the world of scaling, growth and automation, the role of the growth hacker (and the growth hacking skill set) is often the missing component within product and marketing.

As a result, these skill sets combine to provide businesses with trackable gains and incredibly fast insight as to what is working and what is not when measuring their growth marketing. Meaning, the skillset often missing in scaleability and high-yielding ROI is simply the ability to build data-rich tracking systems.

Growth Hacking is Digital Marketing Built on Data

It is the skill of Growth Hacking (and Growth Hackers) which is reshaping the Like and Share campaigns of yesteryear and moving toward a "Conversion-first" mindset in the world of today's internet marketing.

The days of a Facebook ‘Impression-only' marketing was never a viable solution to data driven growth. Yet, the finesse needed for running trackable ad campaigns, split tests and growth marketing across multiple platforms was something that could only be achieved by highly trained marketing teams with big budgets for research and development.

Moreover, the average entrepreneur or digital marketer doesn’t have time to properly execute on all these complex pieces. Traditionally, these technical pieces have required web developers, outsourcing to third parties or have been abandoned altogether and substituted with prayers to the god of Facebook ‘Boosts.’

What is Hacktics Growth Hacking Academy?

Our role here at Hacktics is to provide an understanding and step-by-step implementation of these ‘technical’ components - and to help our students build a foundation of tracking and systems. With this base layer and framework in place, we then help our students build ROI-driven marketing and automation.

With the proper implementation of tracking systems and automation, data actually starts to make sense. Moreover, by keeping one's funnel architecture ‘in-house’ the data feedback loops become much clearer; allowing one to surface which marketing efforts are actually generating growth - oftentimes, down to the exact ROI.

Hacktics Growth Hacking Academy Cadre 1

Hacktics Growth Hacking Academy has announced that it will be opening their first Growth Hacking Academy Cadre in the Spring of 2019.

Hacktics will be guiding Cadre 1 through a 6-week academy focused on the understanding of Conversions and Goals, Tracking, and Audience Segmentation. With that foundation in place, students will then understand how to build and track retargeting automation on the most popular digital marketing platforms: Facebook, YouTube and Google.

Learn more about the Hacktics Growth Hacking Academy at Hacktics.com


Hacktics Growth Hacking Academy was founded by Jason Wilmot. He currently leads the Hacktics Academy, provides coaching and direct consulting. Jason is an entrepreneur, author, and a former Apple Distinguished Educator.


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