πŸ‘‰An E-Course to Help You Identify, Prove, And Scale Your Best Lead Sources

What's in the E-Course?

Proof: How To Setup Tracking and Conversions... Without Having to Hire, or Be Held Hostage by, a Tech Guru

After completing this e-course, students will be able to create and deploy tracking & conversion systems and be able locate the evidence in Google Analytics. This course provides a blueprint and framework for building a trackable sales funnel and covers Google Analytics, Google Tag ManagerUTM Generators as well as custom conversions in Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and YouTube Ads

  • Welcome
  • Overview of Funnel Framework
  • Tracking & Conversions Blueprint
  • Overview ROI Tracking
  • ROI Calculator (Download Included)
  • UTM Architecture (Download Included)

In this module you will learn...

  • How create a Google Analytics property

  • How to optimize your settings for retargeting
  • How to enable Demographic Reporting and Data Retention
  • How to create goals to and audiences
  • How to sync your Google Analytics to Google Ads
  • How to create IP Filters
  • How to connect Google Search Console to your Google Analytics.

In this module, you will learn how to…

  • Set up conversions
  • Fire Conversions based upon
    • URL PageViews
    • Duration
    • Sessions
    • Custom Events
  • Create Facebook Custom Conversions
  • How to test Facebook Custom Conversions

In this module you will learn how to…

  • Set up a GTM Container
  • Sync GTM to Google Analytics
  • Deploy Google Remarketing Tag
  • Deploy Conversion Tags for Google Ads
  • Deploy Pixels for
    • Facebook
    • Google Ads
  • Create Custom Click Events
  • Create Custom Video View Triggers
  • Create Custom Scroll Depth Triggers

In this module you will learn...

  • UTM Parameter Architecture
  • UTMs + Google Analytics to track attribution
  • How & Why to nest UTMs in short links

In this module, you will learn...

  • How to use our UTM Generators for
    • Facebook Organic Posts
    • Facebook Paid Ads
    • Google Search Ads
    • Google Display Ads
    • YouTube Ads
    • Twitter Ads
    • LinkedIn Ads
    • Custom Short links

Need a Course Sample?

Here's a sample lesson from the Hacktics ToolKit: How to Use an ROI Calculator


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"Our business grew from 14m to 22m in just one year! The strategies he [Jason] developed for SEO and conversion funnel automation quickly put us at or near the top in the areas we were getting beat."

Matt Rennerfeldt
President | Alpha Brewing Operations


Deploy Conversions and conversion Events with no coding needed. Bypass the web developer by learning Google Tag Manager like a pro.


Use our UTM Architecture and Generators to save you time and headaches, and to track conversion rates of clicks across all your campaigns. 


Spend money where it matters most. Find the campaigns that are generating growth and identify the evidence in Google Analytics.

"Jason has helped our team set up automated, trackable sales funnels so we know where each our marketing efforts are moving the needle. We continue to grow our MRR month over month and working with Jason has definitely pushed us toward new heights."

Luke Hansen
CEO\Founder at CompanyCam

Do these bullet points sound interesting?

  • Proof: Tracking & Conversions Blueprint for funnel optimization & setup 
  • Map your conversions on Google Ads and YouTube Ads
  • Create Custom Conversions on Facebook Ads
  • Deploy Remarketing and Retargeting Pixels for Google, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Ads.
  • Deploy & Track Conversions without a developer
  • Learn to Track & Measure ROI
  • Clone our UTM Architecture and Generators
  • Learn how to leverage: Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager

πŸ‘‰An E-Course to Help You Identify, Prove, And Scale Your Best Lead Sources

"Proof: How To Setup Tracking and Conversions... Without Having to Hire, or Be Held Hostage by, a Tech Guru"

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