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Paid Ads Growth Hacking for Small Businesses

We help small businesses build automated revenue streams using paid ads.

The Hacktics Funnel Accelerator Program


Leverage an Understanding of Conversions & Tracking to Build Automated and Segmented Marketing Funnels.



Our blueprint takes the guesswork out of the technical implementation. Now, you're the expensive tech guru.



Spend money only where it matters. Enlist automated funnels to generate qualified leads in your sleep. 


Trusted by Businesses, Entrepreneurs & Startups

"Our business grew from 14m to 24m in just one year! The strategies he [Jason] developed for SEO and conversion funnel automation quickly put us at or near the top in the areas we were getting beat."

Matt Rennerfeldt
President | Alpha Brewing Operations


  • 12+ hours of instructional videos and tutorials. Our content is organized into easy-to-follow modules that you can watch at your own pace.
  • 1-on-1 High Performance Coaching
  • ALL our processes and blueprints to help you build the ultimate funnel.

  • Downloadable resources and PDFs. You’ll be working as you go, not just watching videos. Our templates allow you to bring your business and skills to life.

  • Live Q&A with instructor Jason Wilmot

  • Advanced Bonus Courses covering Google Tag Manager, Custom Events and Custom Audiences.

Need a Sample?

Here's a sample lesson from the Hacktics ToolKit: How to Use an ROI Calculator


"Jason has helped our team set up automated, trackable sales funnels so we know where each our marketing efforts are moving the needle. We continue to grow our MRR month over month and working with Jason has definitely pushed us toward new heights."

Luke Hansen
CEO\Founder at CompanyCam


Hey there, I'm Jason Wilmot.

I am the Founder here at Hacktics. 

Quick background:

I am a Paid Ads Growth Hacker, a High Performance Coach for Digital Marketing Agencies and former Apple Distinguished Educator. I have two Master's degrees in both Education and History.

Everyday, I get to help entrepreneurs bring their products to market - through teaching, coaching and just plain doing.

I don't know where you are in your own digital marketing journey, but if you're here looking for a world beyond 'impressions and views' then you're in the right place.  

The technical verbiage includes Conversions, Events and Retargeting - but the goal is simple: Build something that runs on its own. 

Well, I've learned how to do just that. In the last 2 years alone, I've helped businesses revenue $45M+.

It's not magic; it's a methodology.

It's a blueprint I still today.  

Whether you're a pro, or a complete beginner, the Hacktics Funnel Accelerator Program will be your trusted guide to understanding how to leverage funnel segmentation, retargeting automation and generating qualified leads on autopilot  - whether it's for your own agency or your clients.

Welcome, Growth Hacker. 


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