Audience Segmentation (Identifying Visitors with INTENT)

Uncategorized Jul 31, 2020
Audience Segmentation (Identifying Visitors with INTENT)
When it comes to your marketing budget, where should you spend your money first? 💰
👉 My advice: Start with those who've displayed the greatest amount of INTENT.
How do you do that?
The answer is 'Segmentation'.
In this video I discuss how to segment your audiences based upon specific URLs or days since last visiting your website.
Of course, you can get more fancy by building audiences from Events, scroll depths, clicks, video views and more... but we're keeping it simple and straightforward in this blog post.


"Hey, guys. Jason Wilmot here from HACKTICS and in this video, we are going to talk about Audience Segmentation. And what do I mean by that? Well, simply this: You want to spend money on the people who are more likely to become customers versus the people who are just going to see your message and walk away. Right? You want to zoom in and target your hottest leads... I want to show you how to do that and I want to talk to you about that in this video.

So here's the intro. Let's go.


All right, guys, in this video, what we're going to be diving into is Audience Segmentation. The easiest way that I can describe it is simply this: Let's say that you have some money and you're going to spend this money to make more money. That's the whole idea of marketing. If we're talking about your website, who is way more likely to become a customer of yours, somebody who is on your contact us page or filling out your 'Schedule A Demo' who got halfway done, but they left and something came up, or somebody who hit your website bounced and left? Right?

Now, there is no absolute way to tell which one is more likely. But based upon my experience, based upon your experience, I would assume the person who has displayed the greatest amount of intent in actually following through with your offer is way more likely to become a lead client or customer for you. How do you do this? How do you go about segmenting these people and actually getting them back?

Remember, this person was on your website. They were filling out the 'Contact Us' form or they were Scheduling a Demo. They were performing your core 'Call To Action', but they left. They bounced, right? Well, ideally, this core Call to Action or your offer should be on a dedicated page. And what you should do is when you're setting up your rules for retargeting and remarketing, you should say, you know, OK, Facebook audience, YouTube audience, whatever it is, this audience needs to be based upon a specific URL.

Then on top of that, you could stack this other logic: It could be, hey, I want to retarget the person, anybody who's come to this page in the last 7 days. And then you could stack it... Well, I want a specific message for these folks on days 1-7. I want to change it up on days 8-14. I want to chase them with a different message on days 9 through whatever. Right?

That is the idea of Audience Segmentation; It's identifying where the greatest intent is on your website and that's isolating that. And it's creating segment-specific messaging for those individuals. And if you do that over time, you are going to see giant gains in your marketing.

Your retargeting and your remarketing should be some of your highest performing ROI campaigns in your digital front; You should be making good money when it comes to retargeting and remarketing because you're just gobbling up the people who've already been to your website.But for some reason, they didn't opt in to your funnel.

All right, guys. So I hope you enjoyed that video on Audience Segmentation. I know it's a little bit nerdy. I know it's a little bit pedantic, but, hey, that is fun. The riches are in the niches. And if this niche is actually on your website, if we can identify the sliver that has way more intent than everybody else, that is where you should start spending your money.

So if you like this video, what I would encourage you to do is smash that LIKE button, comment on this below... I would love to engage with you there. Or share it with somebody who you feel needs to see this. And if you want to learn more about HACKTICS, come to my website. I've got a free training just for you. It's going to walk you through the six different outcomes that you need in order to build an unstoppable sales funnel.

So, guys, thank you very much for watching.

I hope to see you in another video soon.

All right. Adios, guys. Bye."


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