Thinking From The Bottom Of The Funnel, Up

Uncategorized Sep 15, 2020

Thinking From the Bottom Of The Funnel, Up

Are you TOO focused on getting fresh traffic into your funnel?

What about the folks who are ready to BUY NOW - the segment who's already warmed up to your brand, but perhaps they just need a little more value from you?

In this blog, we walk through why to think about your funnel from the bottom, up - rather than the traditional top-down approach.


"Hey, guys, Jason Wilmot here and in this video, I want to tell you about the importance of why you need to think about your funnel from the bottom-up rather than the top-down. Let's hop into this in today's video.


All right, guys, in this video, we are going to talk about why it's so important to start your thinking from the bottom of the funnel. Now, what do I mean by that? What I want you to consider for a second is your website, right? You're sending people in to your website, and whether you know it or not, people are visiting your website.

So you're putting out creative pieces like content, you're putting out blogs, you're running ads...all of these things.

Where most businesses I feel get this wrong, is they're thinking way too often about how do I get my message out there to people who've never heard about me before? Yes. You need a Top of Funnel play. Absolutely. But when it comes to growth in your business, you need to think about the bottom of the funnel, right? The people who've already heard about your brand, the people who are ready to buy, the people who need a little bit more persuasion, perhaps they need a little bit more value.

Those people are already on your website. They've already looked at your pricing. They've already  looked at your core Call To Action. They've checked out your offer. What they need are videos like this, or testimonials, or more value in front of them in order to kind of work them down the funnel. So what I would encourage anybody to do is simply this... like, yes, you have to have this top of funnel message for your audience to continue to bring people into your website...

But try to create segment-specific messaging for the people who've already been to your website, they've already clicked on that pricing page. They've already clicked on your core Call To Action... whether it's a time to talk, schedule a demo... Whatever the Call To Action is on your website, start with the people who've clicked on that button, but for some reason didn't fill out their information.

It would be of best interest to set up retargeting and remarketing systems; That's the kind of stuff that I preach and teach all day at HACKTICS. But I would encourage you to start your thinking there. Right? Start your thinking on the people who are your hottest leads, or are your hottest prospects. Start with those people first and then then worry about getting more people into your funnel.

Because once you have this bottom net all created and set up, then you can continue to pour on traffic. And what do I mean by that? I mean, you need to have video ads on YouTube, on Facebook, on Instagram. You can have Display ads.You can have Native ads. You can have all of these little magical tricks for the certain specific segment of people who are very, very warm - they're already warmed up to your message and to your brand.

So there you go, folks. I hope you found a little bit of value in this video. If you would please like this, please comment below. I would love to engage with you there, or share it with somebody who needs to see this.

All right, folks, good to see you. Adios. I'll see in the next video. Bye."


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