Why Retargeting Works

Uncategorized Jul 31, 2020

Why Retargeting Works

In this post, we're going to talk about retargeting and remarketing: Why does it work? What platforms are the best? Video? Display? Native? Where you should get started with your own brand? All those goodies and more in my latest explainer: "Why Retargeting Works"


"Hey guys, Jason Wilmot here and in this video, I want to talk to you about the importance of remarketing and retargeting, the differences between the two and the platforms you should be using when you are building out your retargeting funnel. All right. All this and more. Cue the intro. Here we go.

Hey guys, Jason Wilmot here and in this video, what I want to talk to you about is this idea of retargeting and remarketing. Now, chances are, you know what this is, right? The best example that I can give you for retargeting and remarketing is go to any clothing store online, throw something in your shopping cart, leave and you will see it magically follow you across the Internet. Right? Why? Or this is the reason why I should say it's because said e-commerce company knows that you are way more likely to become a customer than somebody who's never heard of them before.


They are spending money on the people who've already displayed intent. And that is what I would encourage you to do in your own funnel. You see, why I like retargeting and remarketing is because somebody has already entered into the funnel. They've already seen your call to action. They've already seen your offer. They just need a little bit more convincing or they need a little bit more value or they need a few testimonials. They need to trust you. And so the idea of retargeting and remarketing is building that trust.

So what systems should you be using for remarketing and retargeting? Well, if you're gonna be using videos like this, it's very, very hard to beat Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. You have to feel like your audience buckets to certain sizes. Facebook and Instagram are a little bit easier to get going. YouTube is a little bit longer to get going depending upon your traffic, but it should be a little cheaper and it should engage people a little bit longer.

As far as display ads are concerned, there's two main routes to go. One is using the Google Display Network, and I would encourage you to do that because you can get free impressions; You only pay when somebody clicks. As well as native ads. Native ads - you can do something like Outbrain or AdRoll  (that's the one that I would suggest) and you see on more news sites that look like stories, but again, it's putting your brand in front of these people.

It's trying to be omni present to provide value, to provide information along this buyer's journey.

OK. So there it is, folks. That is retargeting and remarketing. I absolutely love it. Why? It's because you're spending money on the people who are already your hottest leads. All right. So in closing what I would suggest if you want to use video remarketing or retargeting like this, start on Facebook, then on Instagram and then on YouTube.

And if you want to do display advertising, I would suggest starting with Google Display. And then I would move over to the native ads, which is on AdRoll.

If you like this video, if you found it valuable, I would encourage you to click, LIKE, smash that button... I think that's what the cool thing is to say now. More importantly, I would love for you to leave a comment. I want to engage with you down below. Or if you want to share this with somebody who needs to hear it, do that as well, tag them in comments or share with them - I would absolutely love it. All right, guys. Jason Wilmot here from HACKTICS and.

I will see you in the next video. All right. Adios, guys. Bye."


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