Growth Hacking with IFTTT

growth hacking ifttt recipes Jul 16, 2020

Growth Hacking with IFTTT + YouTube

Using IFTTT recipes are one of the easiest ways to grow your digital footprint on autopilot. In this video, Jason Wilmot explores the idea of using YouTube (and IFTTT recipes) to create downstream posts on many social accounts, including: Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Blogger, Pinboard and Instapaper. 

If you're interested in learning how to leverage these IFTTT YouTube recipes yourself, check out the video, above. 

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"Hey, Jason Wilmot here from HACKTICS. And in this video, I want to show you a Growth Hack that I like to use specifically around YouTube and how to leverage YouTube content and grow your SEO at the same time. Now, this doesn't have to be just about YouTube. This can be done with other content, because what I'm going to show you is this platform called IFTTT... you see it on my screen, it's called IFTTT. It stands for If This Then That.

So basically, if I post something to YouTube, then I want you (IFTTT) to do this downstream operation for me. So what you can do on IFTTT is create different recipes. And the recipes that I'm going to show you today involve Twitter, Tumblr, Instapaper, Pinterest and HACKTICS. Sorry. And Blogger... HACKTICS would be my company. Now, what I want to show you is basically this...

So I put out content from time to time. I try to put out a couple different videos every single week just like this and then other explainer videos. However, I don't really have a very strong play on Twitter, on Tumblr, on Instapaper, on Pinterest or on Blogger. But I want to use those. Why? Because I'm growing my SEO, I'm growing my backlinks. I'm growing my digital footprint. And I've been doing this for years for other businesses in setting up this automation and I don't really offer this as a service anymore, but I do still leverage this hack internally to my own business and I want to show you this hack so you can use it on yours.

So basically what I'm talking about is I film a video and I put it up on YouTube. And the second that it turns from 'Unlisted' or 'Private' to 'Public' all of these downstream things happen. I want to show you exactly what I'm doing.

So I post a video to YouTube and then I get an automatic post to my Twitter page, Tumblr, Instapaper... And I'm not necessarily sure if Instapaper is great on web authority and creating backlinks, but hey, it's a cheap, cheap hack. And so that's why I'm using it. Pinterest, I don't really have a play on Pinterest, but I've got two followers on Pinterest from doing nothing other than just like posting this content. Like I said, I don't have a strong presence. My brand has only been around for about a year now. But there are people subscribing and looking at my stuff and I'm not doing anything. And the other is this idea of posting this to Blogger. And I've kind of tweaked the recipe since then. But what I want to show you is how exactly how I set this up.

So you can see how I post this to one thing to YouTube. And this goes to to Twitter, to Tumblr, to Instapaper, to Pinterest and to blogger.That's five backlinks generated automatically without you having to think about anything. And so I go into IFTTT and I'm just going to go show you my Applets. So all that I have to do is... I'm going to show you how to create something real fast. So I'm just going to click on my Applets and I'm going to show you what I've made. And I think this is probably the biggest one that you'll probably use. It's "If a new public video uploaded then post a tweet to HACKTICS.

So basically, I've connected my YouTube account to my Twitter account. And if I upload a public video, then post tweet to get HACKTICS, which would be my Twitter handle. So this is run 13 times to date. You can see the activity, but then this is it. So it just has just published this pulls in the title of the YouTube video. This pulls in the URL by @MrJasonWilmot. That's my personal Twitter handle.

And then I can throw in hashtags. And of course, I'm going to hashtag my own brand as well as growth hacking, funnel marketing, digital marketing. WinTheFunnel, growth marketing. Those are all sorts of long term keywords that I'm interested, but I'm not really trying to, like, grow my keyword backlink or my keyword SEO just from hashtags. But hey, you might as well because that all feeds into your SEO.

So what what I'm going to do is I want to show you... Let's just make one. Right? Let's just create... I'm not sure if I hit, create or... OK, so basically, OK, if This Then That... I want... Let's just say if this. OK. So if YouTube. Then so if "New public video uploaded by you..." This is the one that I wanted to do then that. What other service could I do? I could do Facebook. I could post something to my Facebook page.

I don't think LinkedIn is on here. No, it's not on here. Instagram used to be on here, but it's not anymore.

So that's why I went with Twitter. Or I went with a blogger or I went with Tumblr, Pinterest. And then Instapaper. And the reason why I went with Instapaper, it was just because I believe there's like a yearly annual fee... yearly annual... That's a bit repetitive. A yearly fee of $8, I think. And so I thought, well, hey, eight dollars is worth the investment to see if this grows my SEO.

So here is the deal. What I've done and I'll show you the recipes that I have here. I'm gonna go to my Applets. And so basically, this is all happening from one video, from one YouTube video. The YouTube [video] is posted. It goes to Twitter... Now, I've got some other pieces in here where if I tweet something, then it also goes to my Tumblr account. But what I'm trying to do is just trying to, you know, build my SEO.

So my one word of caution that I would use is that, you know, these can get a little bit messy if you put in the wrong recipe. Like on this HACKTICS on this blogger page, I don't like the description all there, I've had to update it. You're going to have to trial and error some of these. The other thing is, you know, these work on autopilot. So make sure that your recipes are right before you run this.Otherwise, you're gonna have to do a little cleanup game.

So here is my offer to you. Here is the Call To Actions in this video. If you want the exact recipes that I have, I'll just throw all of those into a link. So like this what I mean by recipes is this. If you want to know, like what ingredients or what... the recipe that I they cook up for all of these... I'm happy to put all of that onto into a file or Google doc or something like that.Just comment below, whatever I tell you to comment and then I'll send that file to you so that you can do this on your own.

Biggest thing here is it's absolutely free. Like this is absolutely free. This is just running in the background. So if you're good with creating content, if you're good with putting things out there, just let the Internet work on your behalf. Let this you know, this is just another Growth Hack. So if you're putting out content, let it go in multiple spots.

So there you are, guys. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you enjoyed this video. Give it a LIKE. I would love for you to share it. Give it a comment. If you're on LinkedIn, if you're on Facebook, comment below. Whatever I say. If you're on YouTube, the Call to Action or the link will be in the description as well. So anyways, guys, thank you.

I love doing these tips. I would love to hear back from you so go ahead. Leave a comment below so you can grab this or just I would love to engage with you anyways. All right. Jason Wilmot from HACKTICS. Adios, guys. Bye."