Mastering Funnels - My Origin Story

Wanna know how I started in the Internet Marketing industry? Then watch our recent Livestream on YouTube or you may also listen to our podcast on Spotify.

In this live, we covered a few important and timely topics, including:

1) My Internet Marketing Origin Story

2) YouTube Ad Hacks

3) Your questions and comments


"Hello Internet and we are live. Jason Wilmot here. Today is July 5th and I hope everybody is doing well today. One of the things that I always do when I do these live is just to make sure that we're streaming everywhere. I was having a little bit of issues, I would say earlier, just making sure that our podcast, it's now a podcast, our livestream is going everywhere.

So forgive me for checking that while I'm doing this live. But I have done a live stream for where I've heard eight minutes, ten minutes and that just ended up going to nowhere. So maybe somebody enjoyed it somewhere if they can watch dead live streams, I don't know. But anyways,...

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What is Growth Hacking? | The Hacktics' Guide to Growth Hacking | Part 2

What is Growth Hacking? In the last blog piece we discussed the importance of the Bottom-of-the-Funnel-Up Mentality.
Yet, at the bottom of that funnel are these technical pieces called 'Conversions.'
Moreover, these Conversions and their corresponding Conversion Rates are the
corner-pieces of your digital efforts.
Therefore, the aim of this Part 2 of the Hacktics Guide To Growth Hacking is to flesh out 1) What these conversions are,
2) How they're mapped out, and
3) How you can use them to understand your Click-to-Conversion ROI.
Finally, as stated in Part 1, at Hacktics, we believe the Essential Skills of growth hacking to be:
  1. Conversion Mapping
  2. Tracking
  3. Data Feedback (Loops)
  4. Advanced Audience Segmentation.
  5. Report. Find patterns. Scale.
  6. Automation
The Secret to Growth Hacking...
As promised in Part 1, we're going to dive deeper into the world of Growth Hacking Land. As mentioned, as there are...
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