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What is Growth Hacking? | The Hacktics' Guide to Growth Hacking | Part 1

What is Growth Hacking?

Growth hacking is a process of rapid, iterative experiments across marketing funnels and sales segments, using a variety of channels to find the most efficient way(s) to grow a business (wikipedia).

Moreover, many professionals who excel at this growth hacking skillset often identify as a Growth Hacker.

It should be noted, that any growth hacker (worth their salt) is able to run trackable, scalable, experiments across a variety digital platforms; meaning, they often start with low-cost, high ROI methods - including, digital ads, viral marketing, and automated outreach - all building toward long-term sustainable growth.

Ultimately, as a growth hacker discovers new growth process for an organization, they also build, refine and automate systems they’ve already found to be working.
Growth Hacking (when done well) is a rapid process of experimentation, building, analyzing, refining, reporting. And Repeat!
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