Mastering Funnels With G4, GTM and Retargeting

Ready for a quick how-to on Google Analytics G4, Google Tag Manager (GTM), and Retargeting? Then watch our recent Livestream on YouTube.

In this live, we covered a few important and timely topics, including:

1) How to create a G4 Google Analytics property and where to optimize your settings for data collection and remarketing audiences.

2) How to connect your G4 property to your website using Google Tag Manager (GTM)

3) How to structure your retargeting audience logic for on-platform and on-page retargeting.


"All right, here we are, internet, Jason Wilmot here. We are doing another live today. Today we are going to be talking about Google Analytics. I know this is everybody's favorite thing, Google Analytics. In an update, you probably got an email from Google today.

If you are using Google Analytics, we'll talk a little bit more about what you need to do because there is something coming that you need to take action on. It's not immediate action. This is the end...

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What is Growth Hacking? | The Hacktics' Guide to Growth Hacking | Part 4

What is Growth Hacking? In the last blog piece, we discussed the importance using UTM Tracking Parameters. As we learned, if you or your team have put in the effort to build an experience for a viewer on the other side of a click, you owe it to yourself to understand the behavior of people once the get there - based upon the source from which they're coming.
Thus far, we've learned how to 1) Set up a funnel, 2) Fire conversions 3) Use tracking parameters, but where do we find the evidence and PROOF of all these aforementioned components?
Therefore, the aim of Part 4 of the Hacktics' Guide To Growth Hacking is to help you understand and locate conversion-based data in Google Analytics.
Furthermore, as stated in Part 1, at Hacktics we believe the Essential Skills of growth hacking to be:
  1. Data Feedback (Loops)
  2. Advanced Audience Segmentation.
  3. Report. Find patterns. Scale.
  4. Automation

What is...

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